About InsightEDA

With innovative products, Insight EDA has repeatedly made our customers successful since inception. Current customer traction and near term potential gives us lots of new space to grow into. Right now we're looking for talented people who are most interested in creating and building: Contributing to a world-class EDA tool that bucks legacy trends and establishes a new watermark that others will follow. We are a small company who values creative thinking and the contributions of strong individuals.

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Software Developer, Graphics

In this role you will work on a desktop application for use by circuit engineers. This will be a GUI front end to a complex engineering application. The GUI will present 2-D graphics, diagrams, line drawing. Use of tabbed dialogs, entry forms, wizards, tear-out editors, text editor cross probing. Our patent-pending techniques will be applied to graphics processing involving maps and layout. You will have lots of leeway to suggest and develop new approaches, as much of the GUI is slated for re-implementation from the ground up.

  • Min 3 years experience working on complex applications in C++.
  • Experience drawing 2D diagrams such as schematic, layout, object placement.
  • Qt familiarity is required, with experience in any modern GUI environment (Java, Qt, etc).
  • Must be clear thinking, logical, inventive, able to sort out essential parts to create a clean use model.
  • Math background is helpful.
  • Background in circuit applications is a bonus but not required.
Software Developer, Circuit Processing
Applications Engineer