Recommended checks


What checks/settings on a check are recommended for a first time user for a test run ? Selecting certain checks / settings gives me too many errors.


Some checks are very netlist and use specific . Running these on a netlist/project for which it is not appropriate will lead to too many errors .Others are typical to almost any netlist.

Insight checks include

  • Power Connections
  • Floating Gates
  • Load-Drive (Fanout , Keepers , Victim aggressor etc.)
  • ESD

We can divide checks/settings into 2 categories :

  • Recommended - Commonly used settings/check.
  • Custom - Netlist and Use specific.

Below is a classification of the checks in order of :Appropriate to all Netlists-> Netlist /use specific

Power Connections
  • Recommended
    • Mosfet Gate (over-voltage)
    • Mosfet Drain/Source (over-voltage)
    • Mosfet Leaking (Appropriate-Use)
    • Mosfet Gate-Overdriven (Appropriate-Use)
    • Diodes, Capacitors , Resistors over-voltage
  • Custom
    • Name-based checking / crossing one domain name to another.
    • Substrate Invalid voltage.
    • Substrate : Foreign rail, SoftTie.

Floating Gates
  • Recommended Settings
    • Effort slider at 2
    • Report Everything: No
    • Check Top Level : No
    • Find cutoff Paths : Yes
    • Find unsafe power crossings :No
  • Custom/High-effort Setting
    • Effort slider at 4
    • Report Everything:Yes
    • Check Top Level : Yes
    • Find cutoff Paths : Yes
    • Find unsafe power crossings :Yes


ESD is meant for full customization based on user specific ESD-rule book - No recommendation


Load/Drive is very specific and non-customizable check - No recommendation