Export Device Parameters to Script

I need to save all device parameters to a script, for loading in another project.

The export script could be based on an easier method... This one dumps all device settings and also loads them all back:

# save device settings to a script, for playback later
set theScriptFile [ open "setDevices.tcl" w ]
puts $theScriptFile "set devParams { [ devparams configure ] }"
puts $theScriptFile "foreach dp \$devParams {"
puts $theScriptFile "  set name \[ lindex \$dp 0 \]"
puts $theScriptFile "  foreach param \[ lindex \$dp 1 \] {"
puts $theScriptFile "    devparams configure \$name \$param"
puts $theScriptFile "  }"
puts $theScriptFile "}"
close $theScriptFile ;# setDevices.tcl will later restore the device settings