Setting R of Resistors

I have a res with Rval of 1 ohm between the supplies but it does not report any violation... I did notice one thing interesting... the netlist line with the res does not include the rval... just W and L.

Looks like you have to define R-per-square for that type of resistor, otherwise I'm not sure what the software thinks of the actual value and the script you're using might not work right.

Go into Setup > Device Parameters, or click the Devices square in the GUI. Go into Resistors, find that resistor model by name, type in the "R" column (spreadsheet of settings for resistors) a "0" for zero. Or of course you could set something more technically accurate like "0.123" etc. This will be the value per squares, where increasing W lowers the value, increasing L raises the value.

Then just to make sure it's going to work, use the script console to check the value, like this:
'cdb inst /R0 getResistance'
The script you're trying to use depends on Rvalue coming back as less than 1.000, so a value of 0.999 or lower would be considered a jumper, which is what you want.