First Steps

If you are a new user of the Insight Analyzer, this article will help get you going in the right direction.

Installing Software

Download Package

Download the Insight Analyzer from the Downloads page at You will need to be logged in as a registered user to access most downloads. If you do not have a login for the web site, please contact your sales representative, or . An example package to download might be named Insight-v470.7990.tgz.

The package contains Analyzer software for multiple Linux platforms, license server, documentation, and examples.


Unzip the package:

gunzip Insight-v470.7990.tgz

Un-tar the package:

tar xf Insight-v470.tar

There is a graphical installer tool, but for this procedure we will go directly down to the underlying files. Go into the directory that was created:

cd Insight-v470.tar/Install_Files/

Un-tar the inner package archive:

tar xf package.tar

This has now created an internal directory with a name such as Insight-v470.7990/. This is the actual software installation directory tree, without the installer and wrapper package (above).


To install the software, simply copy the internal directory Insight-v470.7990 (above) to a location of your choosing, such as with these commands:

sudo mkdir -p /opt/tools/insight
sudo mv Insight-v470.7990 /opt/tools/insight

Verify that you have moved the internal directory (not the outer wrapper), by looking for this path. If this works, then you have properly installed the software.:

ls /opt/tools/insight/Insight-v470.7990/bin

Create a link that will always point to the latest version, in case you upgrade in the future:

cd /opt/insight
sudo ln -s Insight-v470.7990 current

Setting up License Server

The license is run by FlexLM. You will need a license file, which is based on host ID. You can obtain the host ID with this command:

/opt/tools/insight/current/bin/run-insight lmhostid

When you have a license, you can save it as this path:

sudo cp my_license_file /opt/tools/insight/license/licensefile.lic

To run the license server (assuming you have a license), you can use a command such as this one:

/opt/tools/insight/current/bin/run-insight lmgrd -c /opt/tools/insight/license/licensefile.lic

Example License Startup

To run the license server automatically on startup, you can follow this example:

sudo touch /etc/init.d/insight-license
sudo chmod ugo+x /etc/init.d/insight-license

Now, edit the file "insight-license", above, to make as follows:

#!/bin/bash case "$1" in
      /opt/tools/insight/current/bin/run-insight lmgrd -c /opt/insight/license/licensefile.lic
      echo $"Use: $0 start|stop"
      exit 1

Finally, after you have made the license startup script (above), you will now link it to the various run levels:

sudo update-rc.d insight-license defaults

First Run


To start Insight Analyzer, use this command. This should open the Insight GUI on your screen:


Check License

In the Insight Analyzer GUI, use menu "Setup > License". In the License popup window, check various toggle buttons to check out the appropriate licenses. Use the menu "View > Log" to see the system log, where you can see information about the license checkouts. If a license checkout does not work, you will see more details from the license system, to help you debug a license problem.

Open Tutorial

The Tutorial is the best place to start from here. There are two ways to find the tutorial:

  1. From the Insight GUI: In the menus, choose "Help > Documentation". The documentation browser window should open. In the left of this window, choose "Tutorial".
  2. From command line: In a terminal window, go to /opt/insight/current/docs/html/. Use a web browser, such as Firefox, to view the tutorial, like this:
    firefox index.html
  3. The main documentation should open. In the left of this window, choose "Tutorial".

The tutorial starts you with a very basic run, using the examples in /opt/insight/current/examples/.

Run an Example

The examples all have startup scripts, so you can run any example quickly and get final results. Generally, this is the procedure to find an example and run it:

  1. See the Example documentation listing at '/examples/documentation.pdf'.
  2. In the Example documentation listing, find a rule or description you are interested in.
  3. If desired, search within the documentation for a schematic cross-reference, by searching text for "GX" string, such as "GX108".
  4. In the PDF bookmark view (left side of the PDF reader, you may need to open bookmarks), find the path to the given example. This bookmark path corresponds to a real directory path.
  5. Go into the corresponding real directory path. For example:
    'cd examples/voltage_and_rails/prims_basic/'
    In this directory, the example script will almost always be named "example.tcl".
  6. Run the Insight Analyzer on the given example, with script, to finish the run quickly:
    '/opt/insight/current/bin/run-insight -run=example.tcl'