Netlist Loading Option Flags


What are all the commands that you can send to csrc load?


The netlist loading options are:
csrc load ?netlistName? ?-topcell cellName? ?-blackBoxing proc? ?-pauseForCellReview? ?-caseSensitive? ?-tolerateMissingHookups? ?-tolerateGlobalsAsIO? ?-ignoreIncludedFiles?

  • netlistName A specific file to load. If not provided, user will be prompted with a GUI file selection window, in which case all other options will be ignored.
  • -topcell Specify a particular cell to force as top.
  • -blackBoxing Specify a proc to define leafs, or "black boxes". See also \ref csrcModifyTree
  • -caseSensitive Handle all naming as letter case sensitive.
  • -pauseForCellReview After prescanning the netlist, wait for user to modify and confirm possible cell changes.
  • -tolerateMissingHookups Do not report missing terminal connections as errors.
  • -tolerateGlobalsAsIO Do not report terminals with global net names as errors.
  • -ignoreIncludedFiles Load only the netlist itself, avoiding 'include' statements.

In the case of -tolerateMissingHookups, it's been said that in CDL mode this should just be implied / quiet, but then it turns out that in at least one customer case, they've caught a floating Nwell due to a block level with untied port, in CDL, and they wanted to catch that. So it's been left as an explicit option that has to be set, otherwise the loading will stop.