Effectively Analyzing Results

The Analyzer's GUI provides a power tool for analyzing scan results. Even if you usually work from the command line or run everything batch, you can load saved results into the GUI for post-run analysis.

Following is a summary of how to effectively analyze results using the GUI. You can find further elaboration in the User's Manual.

  • Undock the results pane to maximize your viewing area.
  • Click on a column heading to sort results by that column. Click again to reverse the sort.
  • Double click in a row to bring up any further details about the violation.
  • Select instances and nets to view contextual and connectivity related details in the Circuit tab.
  • Use cross-probing to view selected instances and nets in your schematic editor.
  • Collapse redundant violations such as those caused by multiple instances of the same cell.
  • Use filter expressions to isolate specific types of violations.
  • Waive violations that are of no concern to remove them from this and future result sets.